Alan Wayne The Pradagy (born Alan Wayne Williams Jr) is an independent hip-hop artist from Kansas City, MO with a head of steam and a loyal fanbase growing by the hour! Popularized by his affiliation with indie powerhouse Tech N9ne and Strange Music, Alan Wayne has turned a huge corner after his summer 2018 release "The Demonstration". 

Alan Wayne (Eminem meets Tech N9ne meets Jay-Z according to Ink Magazine) was only 17, a junior at LCPA (a college preparatory high school in Kansas City) when he enetered into his first management deal. That decision meant he would pass on a full scholarship; a choice that did not sit well with his loved ones. 

Alan Wayne the Pradagy released his first album "Shattered Silence" the summer after he graduated. The album would catch the ear of a few industry power-players, including the A & R staff of Universal/Motown. A deal seemed promising, but a sudden change of direction with management ultimately would leave the young artist without a deal or a management house. 

Although times seemed dark, his work also gained the attention of Travis O'Guin and his music mentor Tech N9ne. A personal relationship turned business and several appearances on various Tech N9ne projects (K.O.D, OMGP, STRANGE DAYS, DJ WHOO KID PRESENTS BAD SEASON, ect.) would follow. Although a deal was never reached the stand-out performances next to legendary artist kept Alan Wayne's name in conversation with some of the greats. 

Alan Wayne has definitely came into his own identity. With the surprise success of "The Demonstration" and follow-up singles, a new album in the works, new videos releasing regularly, endorsement deals and a loaded tour schedule, expect big waves seemingly out of the blue from the independent pro. 

For regular updates follow Alan Wayne the Pradagy on Instagram@alanwaynepradagy